About Larry Seaquist


First elected in 2006, Larry served four terms in the WA House of Representatives where he chaired the Higher Ed committee and served on the Appropriations committee. Alarmed by the political dysfunction now damaging our schools, he believes that forging a renewed agreement on education strategy is the most important work facing our state’s citizens and businesses. Larry is working with students, educators, community and business leaders all across Washington to shape a 21st Century education system that renews America’s promise to all our citizens.



Former State Representative, 26th Leg. Dist.

Former Chair, House Higher Ed Committee Washington State Legislature

Larry Seaquist Visiting StudentsLarry’s work in the legislature after the Crash of ‘08 helped restart the state’s investment in higher education and stop decades of tuition increases. Working closely with educators, the governor and a bi-partisan team of legislators, he led the successful overhaul of the state’s higher ed coordination agency.


A former US Navy warship captain and Pentagon strategist, Larry enjoyed all of his 32-year career in the U.S. Navy. In addition to commanding four warships, including the battleship USS IOWA, in operations all around the globe, Larry served in a several senior positions in the Pentagon where he helped shape budget and national security strategy in the offices of the Secretary of Defense, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of Net Assessment.


Larry launched a second career helping local citizens and political leaders in at-war and at-risk countries strengthen their communities through locally-led strategic action. Working with UNESCO’s Director-General in Paris and often with heads of state, he invested more than a decade designing and demonstrating innovative conflict prevention and community development strategies in a number of countries including Jordan, Palestine and Israel in the Middle East, Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, Sri Lanka in South Asia, and Colombia in Latin America. Translating those insights to American cities, he also worked with community and university leaders in Seattle/King County, Washington DC, and Columbus, Ohio to pioneer locally led community revitalization strategies.


A former Federal Executive Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a frequent lecturer and writer, Larry has conducted advanced seminars on innovative community and security strategy at Harvard, Stanford, George Washington, and American Universities, military colleges, and the Evergreen State College. He has published numerous opinion pieces in the Christian Science Monitor and other papers.


As a young man working in polar meteorology with the U.S. Weather Bureau, Larry conducted weather and ice observations for a year on Barter Island in the Arctic Ocean. He then volunteered to join an Argentine expedition to conduct ice and weather observations for 14 months at Ellsworth Station in the Antarctic from where he traveled to the South Pole.


An active member of his community who works closely with local leaders, Larry is a member of the Gig Harbor Chambers of Commerce and the Key Peninsula Business Association.


Larry and his wife of 38 years, Carla, a playwright and writer, reside in Gig Harbor, Washington on Puget Sound. Carla regularly contributes commentary for a worldwide readership on Huffington Post. She recently published her third book, “Can America Save Itself from Decline: Politics, Culture, Morality.” Carla’s prior books are “Two Plays of Life and Death” and “Manufacturing Hope: Post-9/11 Notes on Politics, Culture, Torture, and the American Character.” She is at work on a play, “Prodigal.”

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