Dear Friends:
When Wall Street bankers recklessly trashed our economy, more than 300,000 Washingtonians were thrown out of work. Thousands of our businesses were damaged. For the last four years we lurched from one budget crisis to the next cutting every state agency and every program and then cutting again.
Now there are signs of hope. Our high tech businesses are hiring. I believe that makes education our top priority. We must feed our growing high tech businesses with high skill graduates from our colleges and universities. I fought and won the battle to stop cutting education. Now I’m committed to building a better education system, delivering quality degrees all can afford. Everyone’s future depends on it.
There is another fight to be won: budget reform. We cannot go back to old spending habits and business as usual deal-making. We must plan on many years of a fragile economy — and the occasional setback. I’m committed to the deep reforms that will keep state spending under tight control so we can fully recover from the recession.
I value your ideas and your support. Keep those emails and phone calls coming

Some Bi-Partisan Victories

    • As Chair of the Higher Education Committee
      I mobilized support to stop cutting education.
    • Expanded high high-tech degree openings at all our
      universities & colleges and increased student aid.
    • Sponsored major state spending reforms.
    • Cut Bridge tolls $5 million; started two new ferries.
    • Saved health care for all kids.
    • Cut property tax for low-income seniors.
    • Passed marriage equality, which I support.

My Next Battles

      • Rebuild higher ed system, cut cost of a degree.
      • Realign state spending to new realities.